Arizona’s Preferred Addiction Treatment Solution

Specializing in treating drug addiction, gambling addiction, mental health disorders, and alcohol abuse, Paramount Recovery Center LLC is one of the top addiction treatment programs in Arizona. Our success is based on proven methods that help guests achieve a lifetime of freedom from addiction. Located in the scenic town of Prescott, Arizona, Paramount Recovery Center is one of the best places in the country to recover.

Top-Rated Addiction Treatment From Leading Recovery Center

What Paramount Offers

At Paramount Recovery center, we offer a safe, realistic place for healing and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and we offer one of the country’s only gambling treatment-specific programs.

Our treatment program allows clients to discover, experience, and practice important skills for lifelong recovery, moving into happier, successful lives without addiction.

Flexibility in group therapy times enables Paramount Recovery Center to cater to any individual lifestyle. With years of experience and trained professionals on staff, we take pride in our ability to carry our patients into a life of independence from addiction.

Certified Counselors

Paramount counselors understand addiction and the best treatments available to prevent relapse.

Safe Place To Recover

Our center is an accredited recovery program that provides cognitive behavioral therapy and many other therapeutic moralities.

Insurance Verification

We work with multiple insurance providers including BCBS, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Anthem, and more.

Expert Treatment

You’ll meet with a certified counselor who develops an individualized program with activities that will uniquely approach your treatment.

Questions About Our Program?

About the Paramount Recovery Center

At Paramount Recovery Center, you can continue to build your life while participating in addiction treatment. Our flexibility in group therapy times enables Paramount Recovery Center to cater to any individual lifestyle.

  • Low client-to-therapist ratio
  • Highly individualized treatment with cognitive-behavioral and experiential therapies
  • Dual-diagnosis approach where the addiction and its source are addressed
  • Many years of success in treating all addictions
  • Practical experience in developing community support groups
  • A serene recovery location in beautiful Prescott, Arizona
  • Accepting all commercial insurance plans.

Recover in the Serene Arizona Mountains

Prescott, Arizona is a beautiful mountainous town with many outdoor activities to offer, including hiking, camping, mountain biking, and more.

The program’s schedule is flexible, which means that guests have the opportunity to explore Prescott at their own pace. In addition to its scenery, Prescott is the perfect place for those who are new to sober living from a life free from addiction.

Work with the Leading Counselors in Recovery

Millions of Americans deal with drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction. It can be complicated to achieve recovery, which is why we develop individualized programs for each client at Paramount. 

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Compulsive gambling
  • Financial counseling
  • Related disorders and triggers
  • After care treatment programs

Case Management, Outpatient Therapy, Family Consultations

Paramount Recovery Center is not your average treatment center. The Paramount program provides members with access to every resource that they need in order to find and maintain recovery. The Paramount program offers individualized care, an aftercare program, outpatient therapy, and more.

Each guest is considered to be members of an extended family receiving all of the support that is necessary for a successful recovery. Members will not only experience incredible changes in their own lives, but will get to be a significant part of other participants’ recovery as well.


Marie G.

“A great experience. Thank you to the counselors, management personnel, and house managers who truly care about their clients. They provided the skills, tools, and support necessary for me to recover from my gambling addiction.”

Angela M.

“Excellent caring staff, with lots of compassion. I would recommend this place to my family and friends.”

Cody K.

“This place genuinely saved my life.”


“Paramount Recovery Center helped me when I needed to be pushed. It wasn’t easy to overcome addiction, and I often lacked motivation. The staff supported me and nurtured my success. I am so grateful for Paramount. Thanks guys! “

Individualized Addiction Treatment Program

Choosing the addiction treatment program that is best suited for the individual is essential for success. Paramount Recovery Center is proud to have highly trained staff who are always available to take your call and answer any questions that you may have.

With so many recovery programs to choose from, we will help guide you towards the best path. If for any reason, PRC is unable to meet your needs our caring staff will utilize PRC’s network to get you the resources that you need.

When you call PRC, your calls are received by an on-call specialist who can assist you any time of day or night. We understand the stressors and complications that arise when trying to find help, which is why we have made it our goal to promptly get you or your loved one the help that you need.

Call now and let our caring staff members help you get onto the path that is right for you.

All Commercial Insurance Providers Accepted

All insurance providers are accepted which makes treatment more available to all. If you are looking for freedom from addiction, PRC can provide you with the structure and flexibility that you are seeking, with a level of care that surpasses all other facilities in Arizona. Call to speak to our experienced staff who can assist you in beginning your recovery journey. 

Paramount Recovery Center Can Handle All Of Your Needs Associated With Addiction Treatment.

Our Mission

Using cutting edge technology and the latest methods, our mission is to provide every necessary resource our members need to overcome their addiction.

“Paramount Recovery Center helped me when I needed to be pushed. It wasn’t easy to overcome addiction, and I often lacked motivation. The staff supported me and nurtured my success. I am so grateful for Paramount. Thanks guys! “

Paramount Recovery Center Client

All Commercial Insurance Providers Accepted