Take Control of Your Life

Get a Unique Approach to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment.

Paramount Recovery Center LLC specializes in treating drug addiction, gambling addiction, mental health disorders, and alcohol abuse. In treatment, you’ll get the freedom, flexibility and independence to take back control of your life. Speak to a professional counsellor today to see how we can support you.

  • Every situation is unique and speaking with a counsellor will give you a clear understanding of how to deal with your exact situation.
  • Find out how to get professional help for your loved ones and the best way to effectively communicate and guide them to get back on track.
  • Learn why freedom, flexibility and independence are at the core philosophy of Paramount and how it can set you up to experience a practical and successful road to recovery.
  • Discover if your insurance carrier provides coverage for the type of treatment you need and get all the answers to any of your questions.

“Paramount Recovery Services helped me when I needed to be pushed. It wasn’t easy to overcome addiction, and I often lacked motivation. The staff supported me and nurtured my success. I am so grateful for Paramount. Thanks guys!”
– Anonymous Client