Intake Process

What to Expect

Entering an addictions program can be very stressful. It is our mission to make this process as comfortable as possible for you. Upon being admitted to the Paramount Recovery Center (PRC) program, you can expect a welcoming experience. Every client will experience the same uniform intake process.

Here is what you can expect when entering the program:

  • You will be given specific directions and an intake time by the admission coordinator you have been working with.
  • Upon arrival, you will be met by a Paramount Recovery Center behavioral health technician (BHT) in the parking lot. This BHT will be taking you through your entire intake process.
  • The BHT greeting you will assist you with moving any suitcases or luggage into the facility.
  • You will be provided with an intake packet by the BHT conducting your intake. This packet will cover basic background information, active medications, psychiatric history, family contact information, payment policy, and our company medication management policy. During the entire intake process, a BHT will be available to answer any questions or explain any of the intake documents.
  • Following the intake paperwork process, the BHT will show you to your room. Your room will be pre-made for you with clean sheets, adequate closet storage space for your clothes, and adequate space in the kitchen to store all your food. The BHT will give you a tour of your apartment and the property and will answer any questions you have.
  • During the entire intake process, the BHT will explain program expectations and guidelines, so you are comfortable with PRC standards. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible so that you understand what is expected from you and what you can expect from us. It is the mission of the BHT conducting your intake to make sure that no question of yours is left unanswered. From the moment you admit to our program, we want you to know our schedules, our rules, and our expectations. It is our commitment to you to explain all these to you.
  • Following the facility tour, you will be given time to settle in and put your clothes, hygiene items, and food away.
  • If you are entering the program without purchasing groceries first, you will be provided with transportation to the grocery store immediately following putting all your clothes away in your apartment to purchase food or any needed items.
  • After getting settled into the program, the BHT who conducted your intake will make final contact with you to answer any remaining questions you might have.
  • You can expect to be notified by staff within the first 24 hours of admitting into the program which primary therapist you will be working with and be introduced to your assigned case manager.

Paramount Recovery Center Can Handle All Of Your Needs Associated With Addiction Treatment.