Paramount Recovery Center | Addiction Treatment Program

The Paramount Addiction Treatment Program provides top-notch individual care which has helped many people become free from their addictions. Our staff understands the importance of creating a comfortable setting and personally getting to know each client in order to address the core problem causing the addictive behavior. For many, the path to recovery can be very uncomfortable, but when you have specialists who are both experienced and trained to deal with addiction, it can help lighten the burden.

Paramount Recovery Center LLC sets the standard in affordable addiction treatment services in Arizona and can utilize most insurance providers. To get the support you deserve, call our treatment center at 866-435-7311. Our staff are on standby, 24 hours a day to take your call.

Addiction-Free Living, Access to Therapy, Freedom to Live Life

The Paramount Addiction Treatment Program in Arizona has group meetings where clients can take part in outpatient programming, group therapy, case management, strength-building sessions, and self-esteem building exercises. Clients will always have access to advancing their daily habits while learning to live a life of sober independence.

Where our gambling addiction clients experience retreat-style programming, members of our substance abuse program may participate in progressing their education by attending one of several universities in Prescott, Arizona, or by taking part in the workforce by becoming gainfully employed. This means you will get support with your recovery in a beautiful place while being able to earn an income or get an education.

Paramount Recovery Center Provides Everything Needed for a Successful Addiction Free Life

The majority of people dealing with addictions also suffer from co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression. There is a consulting psychiatrist on staff ready to see any clients for evaluations, prescribe medications and oversee their growth. Paramount Recovery Center creates a very intimate working environment where people feel safe to open up and share what they are experiencing physically, emotionally and mentally. Our staff understands the complexity of addiction and has a strong focus on getting to know the individual needs of each guest.


“You guys make me cry. I have never seen anyone do anything for him but kick him out and give up on him. You must be angels from heaven. Thank you for helping my son get his life back. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”

Annonymous Parent

Safe, Sober, Healthy Living Environment

We have an abundance of resources on hand to make sure you have everything you need in your recovery. Members will experience group programming, individual therapy, case management, outdoor activities, and receive gym memberships to local health centers.

Our experienced staff assist our clients in all aspects of life from preparing meals to managing finances and all of the decisions which consider the member’s long-term health. By taking part in the Paramount program, you give yourself or your loved one the best chance possible of experiencing a lifetime of advancement free from addictions.

Paramount Recovery Center Graduates are Completely Set Up for Success

At Paramount Recovery Center LLC you are guided through recovery the entire way. This starts with the first call with a staff member, to addiction-free independence. It’s time to get the support you deserve, whether it is for a loved one or yourself call 866-435-7311 and start a new journey of sober living.

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